Friday, April 1, 2011


At the last minute my babysitting gig went from one three year old boy to three small children. I know this strikes fear into the hearts of many women who either don’t have children or haven’t had small children for a while. Not to mention the addition was two year old twin girls! I don’t know twins and I surely don’t know girls. To top it all off I can’t even look at these beautiful little creatures that out number me without them crying. But in the hopes of helping my sister and getting some over due quality time with my nieces and nephew I agreed. As I drove to my house with a backseat jammed full with kids I kept saying "Their more afraid of me than I am of them!". I’m still not 100% convinced! As I tried to safely juggle a girl in each arm into the house I realized they weren’t crying! Holy crap that was a first, but okay we’ll run with it. I dumped enough toys on the floor to entertain 12 kids and we started playing. I had forgotten how much fun it was to make snow angels in a pile of toys, actually I forgot a lot things. Such as but not limited to........... how much my solid marble coasters weigh, I don’t have a lock on my cleaners cabinet, you have to pull my bedroom door extra hard for it to latch, and only use the back burners on the stove. As time moves forward we become more and more comfortable with our growing children, at seven and ten my boys know they can’t scale up my curtains! But as we forget that if you tuck their pant legs into their sock you can put matchbox cars in their pants to slow them down.... we start to remember all the wonderful things that were lost before we realized it. Like rocking a sleeping baby, only now I don’t feel the need to put them down so quickly. And allowing them to help with a job, even though it takes ten times longer to accomplish. I remember the day my boys no longer needed me to do all those things, and it makes me sad. But I see how independent they have become and I’m filled with pride and hope for their futures. How confusing? Well if I still find myself confused at times maybe they will too and once again need me. Or maybe all along it was just me needing them? Who knows?

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