Friday, April 1, 2011

Ode to the sports mom

As the warm weather rolls in I’m reminded of the smell of warm rain, and fresh cut grass. Days spent laying in the sun or walking downtown with friends. Wait...... hold on.... my kids are fighting........... okay I’m back. Anyways to go back in time and have the knowledge I now poses I would appreciate time more and have basked in its glory a little longer. But as we know life goes on. It changes, gets better, at times worse, but most definitely life gets interesting.
        Now the mother of two rambunctious boys I rarely have the time to stop and smell the roses, especially when im smelling the pile of whatever it is my kids left in the back seat of my car last week. But its okay because I’ll have more than enough time to sniff it out due to the fact that I spent 80% of my waking day chauffeuring my boys around. Monday through Friday mornings are spent driving kids to school, Tuesdays and Saturdays, soccer games. Monday and Wednesday, baseball. and those are just the games, I don't even want to get into the practice schedule. When you add it all in with the wifely duties, well that’s a volatile concoction. But wait there’s more, this is just the spring sports! Summer sports are just around the corner and even worse, motorcycles, bicycles, don't worry I’ll spare you the details. I know it doesn't sound enticing but we put ourselves in these situations anyway. Every time that order form comes home we should tuck tail and run. But instead I find myself handing over the cash and signing away my summer on the dotted line. At first its all fun and games, literally. But once you've sat through a 50 degree rain storm just so you can see your son kick around a ball and complain that he too is cold, you start to rethink outdoor sports. Maybe we should've taken up golf? But for now your team needs you so get back out there, oh and don't forget your hat and gloves.
       Its quit easy to get wrapped up in all the negative aspects of being a sports mom. But once the lingering season comes to an end you can look forward to the remainder of the year to forget all that. Looking back I don't feel the cold or the crazy schedules I just remember the first time my son kicked that ball in for a goal. Once, while waiting on second base my son got his arm stuck through the face mask of his batting helmet. It took three coaches to get him unstuck, and I was of no help because I was too busy laughing hysterically. Boys crossing finish lines. Sometimes first, and sometimes last. Trophies larger than my 4 foot 2 inch son. Watching out for team mates. Meeting new friends. The pride and joy in their eyes, and in mine. I guess looking at the broader spectrum it only makes sense to engulf our lives in sports. Because we ourselves, our family, is a team. We couldn't accomplish a small fraction of what we do if we didn't work together. Whether I’m the coach, and at times the referee, there’s no doubt I’m always willing to go to bat for my boys. Speaking of which, I need to go and extract a skittle from my sons nose. And that’s a whole other column.

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