Sunday, February 20, 2011


As I prepared for my trip I carefully packed my things in a brown leather bag. It was tattered and worn but I had carried it for many years. So I tediously wrapped my precious belongings one by one and placed them gently inside. As I set out on my long journey I looked forward to what the future would hold. With an excited stride I made my way down a long dusty road. Never did I pass another, not a car, not a person. I was alone as I navigated down the desolate road. I carried on for while with optimism but as time drug on so did I. My feet became heavy and the leather bag became to much to bare. I could no longer carry on with the weight of my precious belongings on my back.. So I sat down to rest and found myself staring resentfully at the old bag that had been causing me so much pain. "What is it that was so important about this bag and its contents?" I thought to myself. I realized at that moment if I was to carry on with my journey I would have no choice but to lighten my load. So as carefully as I had packed my precious items I brought them out one by one, looking them over and determining their value. The once shiny items now seemed dull, the interesting had lost their character, and the fragile was now broken. I left many things on the side of the road that day and have continued my journey with a new strength and determination. I still have my old brown leather bag stopping occasionally to empty the unnecessary contents I allow myself to let go. But I don’t think I will ever truly be able to part with it.

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